Lindsay Pistor

Vice President

I’ve always admired my grandmother, who started and built a successful business later in her life. She’s an incredible people person and team motivator. People want to work for her. She leads by example and completely embodies the idea of servant leadership. It’s her example that I aspire to live up to.

Starting my career at JP Morgan, I had the opportunity to to build a strong foundation in financial analysis. I also worked with my Managing Director on many strategic projects focused on scaling our Dallas team. I quickly realized that I was more passionate about solving these problems and wanted to take the leap into a startup to learn how to scale a business up close.

In 2016, I joined Compass Professional Health Services, a digital health startup in Dallas, running the financial aspects of the business and operating as Chief of Staff for the CEO prior to our sale to Alight Solutions. While I worked on all aspects of the business, I learned the most about people, who are essential to the success or failure of a startup. It gave me a crash course on the key attributes of managing people that my grandmother seemed to know intuitively.

I get energy from interacting with people who are infectiously passionate about what they do and realized I wanted to pursue a career where I was surrounded by people who would teach and inspire me. My goal for attending business school at Wharton was to find that career path. I wanted to combine the breadth of relationship building and serving others from banking with the depth of problem solving that comes from a startup. This is what drew me to growth equity investing. At Delta-v, I am fortunate enough to constantly be surrounded by incredible team members and visionary leaders who challenge me to grow every day.