Colin Barclay


Throughout my life, I've had the great privilege of learning from some inspirational people. 

I grew up in Annapolis, in a close-knit family that valued hard work.  My parents showed my brother and me how to make sacrifices for the things you care most about and how to do so with grace and compassion. 

I took those lessons with me to Harvard, where in between soccer practices I learned the value of humility from some very smart people, including my future wife with whom I now have two children (who routinely humble us both). 

It was also in Cambridge that I was first exposed to the world of technology, through a summer internship at General Catalyst which gave me an appreciation for how entrepreneurs turn their visions into reality.  After graduating, my education continued at Insight Partners, where I learned how the companies that entrepreneurs create can go on to change the world. 

I later got my MBA from Tuck and then, spent several years in a business development role at Wowza Media Systems, a venture-backed live video technology company.  Working alongside a dedicated team of operators, I developed a deep respect for what is takes to grow a business. 

Each of these experiences, and the people I met along the way, taught me lessons that I strive to apply at Delta-v, as we partner with the world-class operators in our portfolio to help them achieve their goals.  It's an honor continuing to learn so much from them along the way.