Maggie Maloney


Thanks to Miss Emily at St. Elizabeth’s middle school in Wichita, Kansas, I knew I wanted to be an accountant since I was in the eighth grade. Then, as I do now, I gravitated to the concreteness of numbers. Years later, it was an easy choice for me to choose my college degree.

At CU Boulder, I learned that beyond the formulas of mathematics, accounting is applied and situational. You have to isolate the important details to get to the correct solution. In my experience, the best accountants can think big picture while being in the nitty gritty details of an excel spreadsheet.

I have three siblings who all went to college at the same time. Cue me getting a job at a nearby hotel. Towards the end of my senior year, I knocked on the door to the hotel’s accounting office. With only a halfway completed degree at the time and no applicable experience, they said yes. By the end of May that year, I had started my first job doing what I love. 

In 2019 I joined MG Stover, where I fostered my love for waterfalls and worked for a team led by two powerful and inspiring women. At Delta-v, I get to be one degree of separation closer to the big picture, while again surrounding myself with best-in-class women and teammates.