Kyle Rogers

Chief Operating Officer

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

- Phil Jackson

There is no greater feeling than accomplishing something through hard work alongside a team full of people you are motivated by and want the best for. For a team to succeed, it is crucial for each member to understand their unique role on the team, as well as how important their contributions are for the group to function at the highest level. For me, this mindset is an inspiration to not only perform my best, but to help others do so as well.  This is a lesson I feel fortunate to have learned early in life.  In fact, it was this lesson that drove me to play competitive team sports from an early age through my time at Dartmouth, where I captained the varsity football team.  I now have a passion for teaching this lesson to the next generation through coaching my three kids and hundreds of other youth athletes in the Denver and Boulder areas. 

It is also this passion that drove me to join Delta-v in 2016.  The firm’s strong team culture which is shaped by great people, focused on being their best motivates me every day.  Each team at Delta-v strives to be the absolute best in the industry, driven by competition, passion, and the unrelenting pursuit of reaching our collective potential.  We have a clearly articulated common goal with a “give first” approach of enabling others to reach that goal.  

Before joining Delta-v, I spent 15 years as COO and CIO of a boutique investment bank and a growth equity firm, learning how the best businesses were driven by great people who have a team first mentality.  I strive to bring these learnings to Delta-v and all of our portfolio companies so that, collectively, we can reach our highest potential.