Kimberly Kit

Senior Associate

“Hello, this is J’s Korean, may I put you on a brief hold? Party of 3, right this way! Chef, no spice on this one.” I peered out from behind the cash register and knew Grandma would be too busy with the lunch rush to notice. I darted out to a table and began chatting with a regular. Like many immigrants, my grandmother arrived in the US with big dreams. Her cooking was stuff of legend back home. A restaurant would be just an extension of that, they said. Never mind she knew nothing about running a business – passion, grit and providence carried her through. Grandma was the first entrepreneur I had ever known.

I started my career at Barclays in New York, where I learned that I loved deals, and I loved working with technology companies. When my husband and I returned to Dallas, his home, I parlayed this experience into private equity. To my surprise, Texas was one of the most vibrant restaurant markets nationally. I invested in two restaurant brands and got my first taste of working closely with founders. Their boundless energy and maniacal focus were fascinating. My grandmother’s experience was never far from mind, and I was constantly reminded that all brands – large and small – started out in a single kitchen.

Over time, the call back to technology grew stronger and I made my way to the Bay Area. As a SPAC sponsor, I partnered with entrepreneurs to achieve their IPO ambitions and level up their growth potential. I was drawn to leaders who counted people as their company’s greatest asset. Delta-v likewise makes people the center of its investment strategy, and the opportunity here represents the intersection of technology and investing that I had long sought. I’m thrilled to endeavor alongside and learn from extraordinary colleagues and entrepreneurs.