Hilary Nicolls

Vice President

I’m driven by curiosity, a little bit of competition, and the talented group of people I get to work with every day.  

Growing up in a small town in rural South Dakota, I was always curious about the big world out there. When you come from a town of 800 people you quickly learn the necessity of community and teamwork.

From an early age, sports gave me a platform to explore beyond my own community, meet new people, and travel. I put a high degree of value on the responsibility of being a teammate. I was afforded the opportunity to run track and cross country at the University of Oklahoma and Virginia Tech. And, to really push myself, I tried my hand as a professional triathlete after college.  

When it was time to hang up my training shoes, I let my accounting and finance degrees to guide me. I started my career at PwC where I was exposed to some of the largest corporations in the world. This was my first glimpse into understanding what it took to run a business. To get a fuller picture of financial operations, I then worked on the finance team at Monarch Investment and Management Group, and later joined a fund administration firm, MG Stover.    

I joined Delta-v in 2019 to be part of a high-caliber team. I don’t take for granted that the success of our business is based on how well our team works together, the relationships we have, and the integrity of our information. It’s my job to optimize the financial infrastructure of our funds to give our team the best shot at success.