Garrett Marsilio


While my childhood included many of the classic entrepreneurial experiences (think lemonade stands, paper routes, and starting my own lawn care business), my first professional experience was a summer job at the Cleveland Clinic. Working in the radiology department, I developed a taste for using technology to solve inefficiencies.

I attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating summa cum laude as a Joseph Wharton and a Benjamin Franklin Scholar. I finished in five semesters, led by an aha moment that the school charged by the semester and not the credit hour.

I went on to Commonfund, a pioneer in developing the endowment model of investing on behalf of nonprofit institutions. We were helping world-class, institutional LPs and evaluating high-growth, innovative technology businesses.

I joined Delta-v because it offered me the opportunity to work with a growing platform of investors who share my values and support my approach to investing. I partner with existing growth-minded management teams of cloud services and vertical software companies, and support growth initiatives and strategic acquisitions designed to drive long-term value. I often apply a buy-and-build methodology leveraging Delta-v’s sector expertise and operational capabilities. My job is to know what we know, and do it well, on behalf of our limited partners and portfolio companies.

My investment philosophy is to invest in people first and foremost. I believe that the strongest companies of tomorrow will have exceptional leaders, low attrition, career paths for employees, and an inclusive culture.