Dozie Agbim


Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, I was very interested in how small businesses scale and become successful at solving the critical problems our society faces. That led me to intern at Bain & Company when they opened their first local Nigerian office. For two consecutive summers, I got to appreciate how industry professionals tackle problems for some of the most renowned businesses in the world.

I moved to the United States in 2015 to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Operations Research and Financial Engineering after completing my A-levels in London. I also had the opportunity to learn and apply technical skill sets at Barclays, working with oil & gas and renewable energy companies on strategic initiatives to help them scale.

Two years later, I was able to apply my investment banking experience to Google’s Finance team. While there, I got to unlock the potential of various technology product groups within Google by identifying and evaluating investment opportunities for them. A few months later, I co-founded a company aimed at solving the internet problems in emerging markets like Nigeria. We pitched to a lot of venture investors during that process, which is how I discovered how exciting being on the other side of the table could be. I was drawn to the idea of talking to innovative founders, evaluating their businesses, and empowering them to drive value in society.

That led me to join Delta-v Capital in 2021 where I got to work with some of the smartest investors and innovative founders in the world. I'm constantly amazed by their capabilities, and the way these relationships grow and strengthen with time.