Dan Williams


I'm an engineer.  I've always been fascinated with the alluring blend of binary clarity and innovative creativity that comes with building systems, understanding how they work, and quantifying them.

My father was an engineer by trade, applying his photographic science background to the semiconductor space for more than 45 years. Growing up, we’d read his old textbooks together, and he’d tell me stories from his time at RIT. He taught me calculus on a fogged up windshield on the way to my hockey games.  He was my hero, and naturally, I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

I found my way to MIT where I studied electrical engineering and computer science.  While most of my peers were lured into the world of finance, I interned at a cybersecurity startup, which opened doors for me to work on special projects for the Department of Homeland Security, complete my thesis in cryptography alongside Ron Rivest, and ultimately co-invent an encryption algorithm for low-power devices like SCADA networks. 

I continued down a technical path after graduation taking on operating roles at Cisco in engineering and product. I built an appreciation for great products focused on customer needs.  The experience satisfied the engineer in me, but I wanted to make bigger impact. Cisco’s innovation strategy was powered by one thing: acquisitions.  I joined the Corporate Development team and was absolutely fascinated with the world of M&A: mapping a long term vision, identifying the leading products that would get us there, and doing what it takes to get them on board. 

After earning an MBA at Wharton, I transitioned to the private side of investing. Since then, I’ve had the great pleasure of working closely with entrepreneurs who have been incredible sources of both learning and inspiration to me throughout the last decade.

At Delta-v, investing in sectors where we have deep operational expertise is core to our strategy. Day in and day out, I am fueled by the opportunity to partner with the engineers, the developers, and the innovators building the future of Cybersecurity, DevOps, and Vertical Software.