Cody Rader

Vice President

My first taste of the startup world was my college internship at Lenox Park, where I helped to build a data science platform that enabled fund-of-funds to eliminate biased decision making when selecting fund managers. While I loved the excitement of working at a startup, I wanted to gain experience at a large company for my first full-time role and joined J.P. Morgan’s Private Bank in Austin. Given the large community of tech companies in Austin, many of our clients had accumulated their wealth from successful exits or sales of secondary equity. Learning about each of our clients’ founding stories continued to fuel my interest in early-stage businesses. 

Two years later, I transferred to the New York office to manage personal portfolios for partners of private equity funds. I had a high-level understanding of the private investing space at the time, but eventually realized that a career in growth equity would be the perfect way to marry my analytical mindset with my desire to work with entrepreneurs and fast-growing tech companies. With this goal in mind, I moved to J.P. Morgan’s TMT coverage team to gain a deeper level of transaction and analytical experience. 

In 2019, I began my search for a growth equity fund back home in Texas. I was intrigued by the emerging local tech scene and Texas's central location was only a quick flight away from great tech startup ecosystems around the country. Delta-v's unique strategy and portfolio immediately stood out to me, and after meeting the team, joining was an easy decision.